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Last Page: January 2016 by LucrataNexarii
Last Page: January 2016
Thoughts: As has become my habit, if not a bit of a tradition, here is the last sketch of my 2015 sketchbook - which just happens to have been completed just after the New Year going into 2016. (During this sketchbook's time, it's 'tea folder' has a total of ~680 cups of tea to it's record of labels - though I think I threw out a label or two by accident. :tea: )

The drawing here is actually based on a dream I'd had a long time ago. There in that dream, it actually started as an image of symmetry: Kuma was seated a distance away, facing what appeared to be a dark ocean. As I drew up to one side of him, I noticed the beach he was seated on wasn't normal sand, gravel, or cobblestone - it was pulverized, glassine dust, riddled with fine fragments of countless lost monuments. With the barest nod to me, he said he was waiting here at this place, called "Azadi." (A foreign term I didn't know - on searching, it means 'Freedom' or 'liberty.') I had the feeling he'd been wanting to show me this place for some time.

The area had a haunting grayness, washed of any colour. It was all the colourless hues of the passage of time, and only the distant horizon or sky had an odd, misty light to it. Following his gaze out to the ocean, it also was as strange as the rest of that place. I didn't have the sense that it was deep at all, but it was heavy, and constantly moving... Not like water of our world, but it was a sort of living chrome or mercury substance, constantly in a cymatic sort of chaotic, fine motion. Anything to try to cross or touch it would be crushed under a force of brutal gravity, and made a part of that ocean's bed.

Bartholomew had no more to say, and neither did I, absorbed as I was by the stillness and surreal, haunting quality of that place.

Materials: Mechanical pencil, sketchbook paper, col-erase pencil, coloured pencil, and watercolor. Digital cleanup and alteration.
First Page: December 2015 (Nocturne) by LucrataNexarii
First Page: December 2015 (Nocturne)

Thoughts: As has become somewhat of a tradition,  I start any new sketchbook or written art-journal with an image of Link.

Not oft known for being outspoken or quick, there's an odd essence to the Program that he might not let on to what he intuits, despite how others see him. In these starting images of him, he takes on an almost archetypical trait, and is very much a figure on a journey to find his own answers. Among other differences is a jade-hued blindfold, and a sapphire staff with a shattered surface texture.

Materials: Strathmore paper, graphite stick, .5mm mechanical pencil, col-erase, and digital alteration.
Lantern bearer - Over the Garden Wall/TRON by LucrataNexarii
Lantern bearer - Over the Garden Wall/TRON

Thoughts: Greetings.

Some of you may or may not be familiar with ‘Over the Garden Wall,’ and ever since seeing it, I’ve been wanting to get an image of this sort finished. Or maybe this happened just because “Come Wayward Souls” has a similar melody to “O Holy Night.” Over the Garden Wall is a rich and intricate piece of animation, full of many potential (if dark) allusions. I’ve had lighter ideas along this line. Perhaps I’ll see to those one day.

 “Come Wayward Souls” was the main influence on this. For those curious, it can be heard here.

Wandering in a digital Unknown, Tesler and Link are each there for their own reasons. As much as the concept could be called haunting, both of them would be 'lost' in that digital Unknown for their own reasons. Conversations and hinted topics with little revealed information could be just as haunting and unsettling.
A labyrinth of loneliness, certainly.

The Woodsman of Over the Garden Wall had reminded me of Tesler from the start… Perhaps being forced to commit atrocities in the name of ideals he can only uphold out of duty, but which remain a distant light - more of a beacon for others to lead them astray. Meanwhile, he is controlled by a greater malevolence that he doesn’t really want to be ruled by.

Link, on the other hand, is more abstract here. Not to mention that it’s a little difficult to depict him as extra tired or worn, given that he’s always downcast and hunched in posture.

Of course, “Come Wayward Souls” and image in mind, it takes on a range of dark undertones (including that Link might be too meek to remain whole in that crossroads-world for long).  Though it doesn’t turn up in the sketch scan once it’s brightness and contrast are adjusted, Link has a bit of a blue halo - as is often my habit in sketching him.
But, with the implication in the Over the Garden Wall essence, it brings to mind depictions of the icons of saints. Typically they’re pictured holding a representation of the thing that killed them. People who are too weak in the Unknown pass away and are claimed into edelwood trees. (Though Link isn’t a child, one might as well consider him the closest approximation in Uprising.)

Then again, said dark undertones belong to Over the Garden Wall and Uprising, alike.

Materials: Graphite stick, .5mm mechanical pencil, col-erase, and digital alteration.

Meta: Dust-Mantle Concept by LucrataNexarii
Meta: Dust-Mantle Concept
Thoughts: The first sketch in a long while, since being buried in academic work.

Inasmuch as one could consider a being at first visually terrible or horrible, there is a curious vista that must be bridged in realizing that the state and degree of sentience is not linked to appearance, nor is reverence reserved for beings like ourselves. There is equally curious merit given to what alien, distant, and different minds may construct in parallel to holiness and the divine.

To me, the image speaks of redemption, or searching for holiness in the face of the dust of ages.

More loose concept work and formbuilding for the shapeshifter, Verus. there are minor traits here that may be seen reflected in other designs for the Meta project materials.

Materials: Mechanical pencil, sketchbook paper, col-erase, watercolour, and digital mess.
Currently buried in academic work.
Any art time has been isolated to drawing on my morning styrofoam coffee cup. (Photographs pending. Maybe.)
I will be gone for a week as of this entry.

Pardon to those who are waiting for information or replies. Good fortune to all of you while I am away.
  • Listening to: SimEarth - Civilization Scale
  • Reading: Science Fiction and Philosophy


Personal Quote: Do not forget that your blood, removed of it's shackles of iron, is golden.

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Biotype Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
LucrataNexarii Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2015

It's been a while, hasn't it? Always interesting to see your name about.
As time goes on, the sketchbooks of mine slowly crawl by, like strange tablets from other ages. Carriers of memory and information in hundreds of leaves of paper - segmented scrolls with armor.

As always, whenever I do see your name or icon, I hope life treats you fairly!
Biotype Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Good to hear you're getting by life. I've been trying to skip by daily chores (from dishes to helping some friends), sometimes things don't go how I need them to. Short story, "I try".
LucrataNexarii Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2016
Life has a way of coiling itself around us in unexpected ways, then has the audacity to skitter out of sight so we think we've tripped over our own feet.

Aye, such is the way things go. I see more than enough chaos in my workplace to wonder how we all function past entropy. =p
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RedRoronoa Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Been a while, a few years actually. x) But hey, how have you been of lates?
LucrataNexarii Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015
Well then! :bow:
I remember your name. To be frank, you just made this tired artist's day (or evening) by way of showing up with a welcome comment.

Currently I was buried in academic work, so my art time has hit the floor. I've long been joking to myself that my only art time has been drawing on my morning coffee cups - little doodles, at best, and only while there's spare time to relax during courses.

I can't see it all letting up any time soon, but my sketchbook is surely a holy tome of light I wish to return to one day, if I live past the fatigue and coursework. =p And so long as I don't inadvertently electrocute myself in my Electrician practical training.

In all honesty, I salute you for coming by! I'm glad for your thoughts, and I wish you the best, until next time!
Yoroon Featured By Owner May 23, 2015
Thanks for llama (:
LucrataNexarii Featured By Owner May 23, 2015
You're welcome. Llamas are good to have, and enjoyable to give. =)
MikiFujimoto Featured By Owner Edited May 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the llama ...keep your artwork :) 
Neeltje1 Featured By Owner May 19, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
thanks for the llama ^_^
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